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Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon



... I search the lines that draws your imagination ...

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Born in Baabda 1988, Jad El Khoury is an artist and interior architect living and working in Lebanon.
Through the media of pen and ink, and a desire of lines and colors, Jad gave birth to the – Potato Nose – An art creation of fictive characters floating freely throughout a composition and reflecting family, friends and surrounding as well as extending to people and places that he experienced during his travels, dreams and nightmares.
His artwork has been exhibited throughout many magazines and young talent art exhibitions:
March 2012 : "Potato Nose 1" Illustration Exposition at De Prague Hamra Exhibition
January 2013 : "Potato Nose 2" Illustration Exposition at De Prague Hamra Exhibition
2012 - 2013 : Collaborator with FIMP magazine, Movie Based Illustrative Concepts within similar representations of Potato Nose
May 2014 : "Potato Nose 3" Illustration Exposition at Jabal Exhibition At Le Grey Hotel - Beirut
June 2014 : "Potato Nose 4" Illustration Exposition at De Prague - Hamra
July 2014 : "Potato Nose 5" Illustration Exposition at Le Grand Serail - Beirut Downtown
July 2014 : "Potato Nose 6" Illustration Exposition at Ramadaniyat Makhzoumi Foundation - Biel Beirut September 2014: "Potato Nose 7" Illustration Exposition at Beirut Art Fair - Biel Beirut
September 2014: "Potato Nose 8" Live performance at Garten By Uberhaus - Beirut Waterfront
May 2015: "Bulgaria through the eyes of a Lebanese artist" An exhibition of illustrations by Jad El Khoury
Jad has successfully completed his masters degree in interior design field at the IBA 2 (Lebanese University - Fine Arts), with A grade mention.
Aside he has undertaken internship, within his Interior architecture discipline studies, at different Architectural Design Offices (Soma, Blank, Hapsitus ...).

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