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Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

> Jose' Antonio SOROLLA
As Jose Antonio says, “I do not know if I did right or wrong, but I did not paint pottery ever again.” Instead his career as a painter has blossomed first exhibiting his work across Spain and then throughout Europe with shows in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic. His work is in numerous private and public collections worldwide.


> Jose' Antonio SOROLLA
Jose Antonio Sorolla Gallen was born in 1959 in the small town of Onda in Castellon province, Spain. His native town is famous worldwide as a place where extraordinary painted ceramic house wares have been made for centuries. His family also owned a ceramics business and at age 11, Jose Antonio Sorolla first started painting pottery in his family’s workshop. Gradually, he learned the secrets of this ancestral work until one day he discovered oil painting.

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2013 Art Stage Singapore.(Lazarev Gallery ).Singapore.

2013 Affordable Art Fair Brussels.(Daniel Besseiche Gallery).Brussels.(Belgium)

2012 Moscow World Fine Art Fair .(Lazarev Gallery ).Moscow.Russia

2012 Exposition spécial noël.(Daniel Besseiche Gallery ).Knokke-Le Zoute (Belgium)

2012 “ Caution! Not a photo ! (Lazarev Gallery ).Saint Petesburg .Russia

2012 Art Kiev. (Mironova gallery ).Keiv. Ucraine

2012 Solo exhibition . (Gallery Fineart ).Moscow.Russia

2012 Affordable Art Fair .(Bridgegate gallery ).Battersea.London

2012 Galerie Sono.Connecticut .USA.

2012 Spring Exhibition. (Galleri Kim Anstensen).Göteborg.(Sweden)

2012 Affordable Art Fair.(Bridgegate gallery).Bristol.(United Kingdom)

2012 Solo Exibition (January).(Galleri Kim Anstensen).Göteborg.(Sweden)

2011 Group show.(Galleri Kim Anstensen).Göteborg.(Sweden)

2011 “Small format”.El Quatre sale d’art. Granollers (Barcelona).(Spain)

2011 Autumn group show.(le Siants Gallery).Barcelona. (Spain)

2011 Affordable art fair Battersea.(Bridgegate gallery).London.(United Kingdom)

2011 Art Copenhagen (Galleri Kim Anstensen).(Denmark)

2011 “El Quatre”25 years. El Quatre sala d’art .Granollers (Barcelona) Spain.

2011 Affordable Art Milano (le Siants gallery).Milano (Italy)

2011 Winter Group show .Le Siants galleri . Barcelona.(Spain)

2011 Lineart (Le Siants gallery).Gent (Belgium)

2011 Small format.El Quatre sala d’art .Granollers (Barcelona).(spain)

2011 Edimburgh Art fair (Le Siants gallery).Edimburgh.(United Kingdom).

2011 Glasgow art fair (le Siants gallery). Glasgow. Scotland.(United Kingdom).

2011 Affordable art fair Brussels (le Siants gallery).Brussels.(Belgium)

2011 Le Siants gallery. Praga.(Czech Republic)

2011 Bergamo arte fiera (le Siants gallery).Bergamo (Italy)

2011 Small format.El Quatre sala d’art. Granollers (Barcelona).(spain)

2011 Berliner liste. (Galeria Thomas Punzmann).Berlin.(Germany)

2009 “Una mirada plural”.Cultural Center “Palau de vivel”.la vall ‘uixó. Castellón.

2009 Spring 2009. L’Algepsar Gallery. Catellón.(Spain)

2008 L’Algepsar Gallery (Catellón) (Solo exhibition).(Spain)

2008 Onda Exhibition Hall.”Moli de la Reixa “ (Solo exhibition)

2008 “Museau de la Baronia”.Ribesalbes (Castellón)

2008 Firat (València).L’Algepsar Gallery.

2007 “Museau de la Baronia”(Ribesalbes).(Solo exhibition)

2007 “Fundación Davalos-Fletxer”. (Castellón)

2007 L’Algepsar Gallery (Castellón)

2007 Amicia e Arte. “Museu del Taulell Manolo Safont “. Joint exhibition with fiorano.(Italia).Onda (Castellón)

2003 Ana Rubio Gallery. Oropesa del Mar

2003 L’Algepsar Gallery (Castellón)

2002 Retrospective. large format work.”Fundación Caja Castellón”. Onda Exhibition Hall” and “ Sala de Exposiciones Casa de Cultura”.(Solo exhibition).

2002 Ana Rubio Gallery . Oropesa del Mar (Castellón)

2001 Artexpo. Garduňa Gallery .New York (USA)..

2001 Asrnsi Gallery .Castellón

2001 Arte Sevilla .Asensi Gallery. Sevilla..

2000 Artexpo.Garduňa Gallery (SanÊtander).

1998 Pictograma Gallery.(Castellón).

1998 Onda Exhibition Hall. Onda (Castellón) (Solo exhibition)

1998 Morella Exhibition Hall. Morella (Castellón).

1996 “L’Art i L’Home”.Second cycle .Centre Cultural Polivalent fundació Caixa Castelló. la Vall D’Uixó (Castellón).

1996 Talavera de la Reina School of Arts and offices (Toledo).

1995 Del Este gallery. (Valencia).

1994 la Caixa showroom.(Tarragona).

1994 “l’Antic Escorxador”Gallery. figueres (Gerona)

1994 Octubre Gallery. Jaume I Univertity .(Castellón).

1994 First festival “Arte del Desecho” Parque Ribata. (Castellón).

1993 Torres Begué Gallery .(Madrid).

1992 La Salina Showroom .Diputación de Salamanca .(Salamanca).

1990 Sueras city hall. Castellón.(Solo exhibition)

1990 Nules History Museum (Castellón) (Solo exhibition)

1990 Exibitions Hall. Caja Rural de Onda (Castellón) (Solo exhibition )

1990 Sueras Church Mural . Castellón. (Solo exhibition)

1990 Exibitions hall.Caja de Ahorros de Castellón (onda).

1989 Pictograma Gallery .(Castellón) (Solo exhibition)

1989 2˚Open dr Arte .(Castellón).

1989 Inter-Arte.(valencia).Pictograma Gallery.

1988 ONDA Showroom (Castellón).

1988 Group exhibition .Pictograma Gallery . Castellón

1986 Group exhibition .Caja Rural (Vila-Real)

1985 Group exhibition .Caja Rural (Onda).

1985 Trassos Gallery . Castellón (Solo exhibition)

1983 Group exhibition. Onda Town hall (Castellón).

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