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Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

> Jana EID


> Jana EID
2003: Collective exhibition: Salon d'Automne at Sursok Museum (Beirut)

2004: Painting solo exhibition entitled “Quest in colors” at Agial Art Gallery (Hamra-Lebanon)

2006: Painting solo exhibition entitled “Le Passage” at the French Cultural Center (CCF-Beirut)

2008: Painting solo exhibition entitled “ Voies et voix d’amour” at Surface Libre gallery (Jal El Dib-Lebanon)

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Born in Beirut, Jana Eid started in 1983 to publish poems in cultural magazines. Her life as a working woman started on 1986 with a publishing house, where she was editing, coordinating and translating for several of their magazines and books, and shortly became the editorial assistant. In 1992, she free-lanced as a social reporter, art and literary critic in the cultural supplement of An-Nahar newspaper in parallel to her work at the publishing house.

In 1992, her activities were broadened to include social work as well, and additionally becoming the editor-in-chief of "Terre des Hommes" bulletin. Right afterwards, I came across a magazine that specialized in fine arts and architecture and assumed the position of editor-in-chief. A few years later, I directed a culinary magazine and animated a TV program, working as a press consultant for many cultural groups simultaneously.

It was only in 1997 that I paused to take a deep breath, and asked myself: ‘who am I in all this?’ It was then that I left all my work and embarked upon an intensive spiritual journey, who leaded me to colors, and I recalled my first passion, which is painting, to paint in order to recount the world.

In 2003, I participated in the collective exhibition of Beirut’s Sursock museum and held a private exhibition, entitled “Quest in colors” at Agial Art Gallery in 2004.

In 2006 I held my second solo exhibition entitled “Le Passage” at the French Cultural Center (CCF-Beirut).

In 2008 I held my third solo exhibition entitled “Voies et Voix d’amour” at Surface Libre gallery (Jal El Dib-Lebanon).

In 2009, I managed and adapted the hardcopy of Laha magazine into an online publication,

The website won the Honor Award in its category and the Award of Excellence among 600 Arab websites in 2011.

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