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Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

> Alexandre ZERBE
In Alexandre Zerbé's painting, the line has a primary and essential place. That way, the artist tries to keep the spontaneity of the aspects of the sketch, since he thinks that the drawing is the main structure of any images transferred to a flat surface.

His figurative process, which is based on photographs, sketches and memory work, depicts mostly the urban environment through its architecture and its societies. The result is often an impression of decor in which the atmosphere is one of a moment captured in time. A moment and a place in which the spectator will then find himself as a reflection of a passer by, and where he will be able to make his own reflexions on his own perceptions.


> Alexandre ZERBE
Born in Montreal, 1974.

The artist completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts at Concordia University (Mtl, Qc, Canada) after earning a certificate in Art History.

His work is part of multiple private collections throughout Quebec, Canada, France and the United-States.

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.solo . Village Gallery (Toronto, Ontario, Canada )


.group . Urban Perspectives. Galerie SOTA (Toronto)

.collection Colart (Montréal, Québec, Canada)


.solo . ANIMAS (du coq à l'âne). Galerie du Viaduc (Montréal)


.duo . Village Gallery (Toronto)

.group . Espace La Voûte (Montréal)

.duo . Keystone Art Gallery (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


.solo . State Of The Art Gallery (Toronto)

.solo . Consulat général de France à Montréal (Montréal)


.solo . Nocturnes. Romolo (Montréal)


.group .Collectif imprévu. Sablo (Montréal)

.solo . Natures mortes et autres natures. Pavillon des arts (Ste-Adèle, Qc)

.duo . Spaces and portraits. Green Room (Montréal)


.solo . Oniriques natures. Galerie Frame Of Mind (Aylmer, Qc)

.solo . Éthersections. Ò PatroVys (Montréal)

.group . Trois fois Trois. Célina (Paris, France)


.solo . Alice et Narcisse. Petit Alep (Montréal)

.diffusion à la galerie du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal (Montréal)


.group . State Of The Art Gallery (Toronto)

.group . Sala Rossa (Montréal)

.solo . Borborygmes et gargarismes. Espace Parcours (Montréal)

.group . Joints Gallery (Calgary)

.group . Salon des refusés. (Montréal)

.solo . Sans titre. Arts Café (Montréal)

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